Andrea Fraser Consolation Station

This is a larger than life size plush model of the artist, Andrea Fraser in her iconic pantsuit and up-do. There is a projection of a video of her face (crying) on the sculpture’s head. There is also a speaker in the head of the piece, which plays a 40 second loop of Andrea Fraser weeping and quoting Hanna Segal:

“All creation is really a recreation of a once loved and once
whole but now lost and ruined object. A ruined internal world
and self. It is when the world within us is destroyed; when
it is dead and loveless; when our loved ones are in fragments
and we ourselves in helpless despair. It is then that we must
recreate our world anew. Reassemble the pieces, infuse life
into these fragments. Recreate life.”

The viewers are instructed to console her.

My goal for this piece is to put the viewer in an impossible situation where they are trying to console an inconsolable art figure- which addresses the issue of the futility of art as a practice and a means of self-consolation. In consoling the figure, the viewer is comforted by the soft material, but also made uncomfortable with the bleakness of the audio. Obviously, with the choice of Andrea Fraser as the figure, this work also brings up issues of frustration with the institution of art- and the idea of being trapped within the art world- or in this case, one art piece.